davidHello, my name is David Belisle. The reason I do what I do is because it empowers people and significantly changes lives. I teach, I coach, I will show you how to use your money in the most efficient way possible.

I was a small business owner for over 17 years. I worked long hours,sacrificed time with friends and family motivated by the belief that someday I would
become financially free and eventually be able to slow down. It all changed during the economic collapse of 2008. I was nearly wiped out. Almost overnight, our banks pulled our financing on our waterfront construction development and we lost it all.

That experience proved pivotal in my life. Having a college and practical education in finance, I swore I would find a better way. I would never be subject to the whims of a bank and their over-reaching, all encompassing requirements. I began my search. Through research and the help of influential, forward-thinking pioneers I learned what the banks and taxing authorities in this country have and will keep under wraps for as long as possible. I want to share this knowledge with the people that realize there is more than one set of rules.

I want to share what I’ve discovered with the people that accept that there are unknown truths out there. The old cliche says “The rich just keep getting richer.” We’ve all heard it but do we really understand it? The processes and strategies they use are based on the same principles the financial institutions in this country live and profit by. My promise to you is that I can show you how they do it and your result will far surpass whatever you thought you could achieve in your entire lifetime. Do you have that pioneering mindset? Are you ready to learn how money really works? If you have an open mind and not afraid of thinking outside the box, take that first step. Hop off the fence and contact me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Hope to hear.

Dave Belisle

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