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Who We Are

The foremost expert in the niche area of efficient *spending* management and wealth accumulation analysis. My name is David Belisle. I have owned and operated a small businesses for over 15 years. My education (practical and academic) is in finance.

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What We Do

I can imagine you know what a financial planner/advisor does? What they do is not what we do. A conversation with a typical financial person starts and ends with them asking "how much money have you saved already and what are willing to give them

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Why Choose Us

If I could show you how to accumulate the wealth you need now and for the future *without* having to change your current lifestyle (live less now to live more later) or take on unnecessary market risk. why wouldn't you??

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In 2016, our average per client recapture was over 33,000 dollars per year. That's dollars they were giving away through inefficient wealth strategies.

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