I can imagine you know what a financial planner/advisor does? What they do is not what we do. A conversation with a typical financial person starts and ends with them asking “how much money have you saved already and what are willing to give them control of?” If you don’t have enough for them to work with they will tell you that you need to save more, in other words take more money from your lifestyle every month and save more. Live less now to live more later. They will risk that money in potential “winning” investments. We believe that there is greater potential in avoiding losses than trying to pick winning investments. Should you save as much as possible?..yes. Our guarantee is that we will find the money you need to save by identifying areas where you are transferring away significant wealth unnecessarily and unknowingly. Last year we found over $33,000 per year, per household of money that was being transferred away unknowingly. Imagine what that kind of money could do for you. Not only can you put that towards retirement but a portion could supplement your current lifestyle giving you more money to spend every month.

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